Before her exit: Ivy Grace Paredes Six-Chair performance in X-Factor UK

It was announced that X-Factor contestant Ivy Grace Paredes will be exiting the competition (Read: Pinay Contestant Ivy Grace Paredes exits X-Factor UK). Yet on Ivy Grace Paredes Six-Chair performance, she gave best shot and proved she was a could’ve made it far in this British reality television singing contest..

In the show’s Six-chair challenge, Ivy sang another Whitney Houston hit “I Have Nothing”.

Ivy Grace Paredes X-Factor

At the onset, judge Sharon Osbourne asked Ivy how she was feeling. Ivy said she’s nervous, but more of excited this time. During her performance, Ivy showed confidence and moved freely on the stage. When she was went to the high–notes, the crowd cheered and some already gave her a standing ovation.

Even other contestants were not able too contain their reaction on thisIvy Grace Paredes Six-Chair performance .

It was indeed a powerful one.

Some applauded and some felt threatened as seen in their facial expression. In the end, some contestants and Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh were swept of their feet.

Here were the judges’ comments:

I know why you left the Philippines because your voice is way too big for the Philippines alone, it’s meant for the entire world to hear.” – Nicole Scherzinger

Is it the most original thing we’ve ever heard? No. Is it exciting? Yes. Should you be in a chair, yes.”  – Simon Cowell

During the boot camp, Ivy performed “One Sweet Day” wit co-contestants Mike Hough and Lascel Wood. Taking her place was female rap artist Honey G.





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