Exploding Hover Trax Destroys Home in US

A hoverboard/ hover trax exploded in a Louisiana home, setting the house on fire. According to Jessica Horne who recently bought the toy as a gift for her 12-year old son, Hayden, the hover trax suddenly exploded within minutes after plugging it onto the charger that came with the product.

Hover Trax cause Fire

The explosion set her son’s room in flames which quickly spread to the other parts of the house. Firefighters rushed to the scene and immediately extinguished the fire. Horne thanked the Jean Lafitte Fire Department for their quick response and for saving the family’s pet dog from suffocation.

The said hoverboard, also known as a self-balancing scooter (hover trax here in the Philippines),

was bought from Amazon.com through a company called Fiturbo. The package arrived on November 20 and since her son was so excited to try his new toy, she let him ride the hover trax the same night he opened it.

Hover Trax Hoverboard burn home

However, when the battery of the hover trax had begun to run low, her son plugged it to the charger. Horne said that she began to panic when the toy suddenly began to shoot sparks and not long after, it burst into flames.

Horne said that she plans to sue the manufacturer. Since the family lost their home and many of their belongings, a website was launched to help raise funds for the family.

As of presstime, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal has yet to release the official results of the investigation conducted on the incident.

A couple of weeks ago, Timothy Cade from Alabama posted a video of a hover trax in flames, which he also purchased from Amazon.com. Cade said that he had owned the toy for only three days before it caught fire.

Reports of exploding hover trax were also made in the United Kingdom. According to the London Fire Brigade, most of these products, mostly manufactured in China, can overheat while charging and catch fire. They advised the public that “should they decide to purchase such products, they must go through a reputable retailer. If they go outside of that, then there’s no comeback.”

The hover trax is now becoming popular here in Manila as well. It is being sold by a famous Toy Store and Museum in Las Piñas. The local distributor has asked certain celebrities to try the hover trax in a popular noontime show to promote the product.

Hover Trax Yexel Trax

It is now also being used by airport police in NAIA as being shown in this new clip from GMAnetwork.com.

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