Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids: Cute Alonzo Mulach performs Gentleman

Alonzo Mulach won the week 9 of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids!

He impersonated Psy and performed his hit novelty song “Gentleman”.  Alonzo definitely looked like the Korean singer. Wearing a shiny blue tuxedo and Psy’s signature round sunglasses, he confidently owned the stage.

And take note, Alonzo sang  the Korean lyrics of  “Gentleman” live.

Alonzo Mulach

Alonzo Mulach ‘s father Nino, was in the audience and proudly watched his son do the popular “Gentleman” dance steps.

The audience was clapping and cheering all throughout the performance, showing that they enjoyed Alonzo’s number. After his performance, all the three judges- Ogie, Sharon and Gary gave Alonzo a standing ovation.

Billy asked Alonzo to repeat the Psy walk that he did at the start of his dance routine. “The best walk yun..Pinakamagandang lakad yun sa buong mundo” Billy said.

A limbo rock challenge was also given to Alonzo. Since it looked like a piece of cake for this wonder kid, Billy dared Alonzo to do the challenge blindfolded.

During the jury’s’ comments Ogie said that the audience’s reaction was noticeable and  this is his best performance. As for Gary, he said that Alonzo actually “scored” that night , which is in contrast with what Alonzo said before his performance. According to Alonzo, he was “scared” to do the impersonation. Sharon commended Alonzo for giving 150% in entertaining the audience.



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