Father’s Day surprise by a vlogger becomes viral

A Father’s Day surprise of vlogger named Keith Talens has gone viral.

Yesterday, June 16 was a day to recognize, give honor and thanks to fathers out there. It was indeed a day to celebrate!

It was what Keith was planning to do. From Manila, he and his family decided to drive over to Santiago City for a surprise visit to his dad. He also said that he is already in connivance with her step mom and three brothers.

In his narration, he said that it would take them 10 hours to get to their destination.

Keith videoed their stopovers and while they are travelling along SCTEX. At one point, he said that they missed an exit, which added an hour to their trip. Oddly, he said that he was feeling nervous at that time. He was not even able to sleep during the trip.

The sun was already up when they arrived .

But Keith’s Father’s Day surprise had a 360 degrees shift when something unexpected happened.

This video is sure to bring tears as Keith himself was emotionally overwhelmed on what welcomed him in this surprise visit.

Watch the full video below.

In another video, Keith shared the story on his surprise plan. Keith debunked the rumors that he already knew that his dad passed away already.

Among Keith’s video posted in Youtube is a prank that he did to his father. Many netizens are deeply touched by this.

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