Female passenger cursed by a man inside UV express

A female passenger cursed by a man inside UV express in Quezon City has gone viral as the incident was being in caught on cam and video was being uploaded on social media.

Police is now doing a man hunt to the man who verbally abused the female passenger.

The female passenger cursed inside UV Express was also being punched by the suspect.

On the video of the female passenger cursed showed that the suspect Musni, seated on the second row of the van, yelling and cursing at the victim who was on the third row. The video uploader told that Musni and his wife boarded the UV Express varn bound Almar Caloocan City and asked the victim to move over. However, the victim refused and told them that she’s approaching her stop.

At that moment, Musni yelled and cursed at the female passenger and even threatened to harm her. He even continued to berate the victim even as they already disembarked from the van. He as well punched the female passenger.

As expected the video caught the attention of netizens and was resulted to anger. As such many netizens managed to dig up information about the suspect from his social networking account.

The suspect was being identified by Police as John Michael Musni. They immediately sent an investigating team to Musni’s apartment after his address leaked online but he was not there.

According to authoritries, Musni will be facing charges of physical injury, oral defamation, and unjust vexation after the victim filed a complaint at Police Station 5 of the Quezon City Police District.

Meanwhile, one of Musni’s neighbors claimed that he’s easily crazed even without provocation. “Lagi po sila nagaaway, silang mag asawa. Tapos kapag minsan naman, mayabang siya kapag lalabas. Tinitignan lang namin nag aangas-angas na,” the neighbor told on interviews.

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