Fidel Ramos (FVR) resigns from Duterte Administration?

Earlier, news has spread that former President Fidel Ramos (FVR) has resigned as Philippines’ special envoy to China.

During an interview, FVR stated his reason was- “The moment the President came back from China from a successful state visit I resigned as special envoy to China because the officials have taken over…I’ve done my job to… break the ice and to help restore the ties of goodwill and friendship“.

In the past weeks,  it has been reported that former President Fidel Ramos openly spoke about his criticism on Duterte’s administration.

His opinion centered on alleged extra judicial killings, Duterte’s cuss-words, and the declaration of a foreign policy independent from the US.

A column recently published by Manila Bulletin tackled on Fidel Ramos ‘ assessment of Duterte’s first 100 days as president of the Philippines.

This is a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us,” said by Ramos in the article.

Fidel Ramos

In the latest update on FVR’s resignation,  Communications Secretary Martin Andanar confirmed that they have yet to receive his resignation.

We have not received PFVR’s resignation,” as per Andanar’s text message.

“Moreover, it is not true that the former president can no longer have any role in our engagement with China…stature and expertise are needed now, more than ever, to follow up and [build] on what President Duterte accomplished during his recent visit to China” he further said.



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