Filipina Sentenced to Death in Vietnam

A local online news site reported about a Filipina sentenced to death in Ho Chi Minh City’s People’s court for smuggling drugs.

Donna Buenagua Mazon, who is 41 years old left the Philippines last December 2013. At Tan Son Nhat International Airport, immigration officers found two bags of white powder in her luggage. The bags weighed more than 1.48 kg. Investigation results proved that the discovered substance were indeed cocaine. Since then, Mazon was detained in Vietnam.

Donna Mazon Filipina sentenced to death

After the first hearing this, Mazon already recieved the verdict of death sentence. She then made an appeal for lighter sentence that was considered by the court.

A re-investigation and re-trial was done, however the second decision still got this Filipina sentenced to death.

Mazon admitted that she was asked by a friend in the Philippines to carry the bags. In return she was paid $3,000 and her airfare and trip expenses were paid for by her friend.

Asie from Donna Buenagua Mazon, another Filipino in death row in Vietnam is  Emmanuel Sillo Camacho. In 2014, he came to Vietnam from Brazil and was caught carrying 3.4 kilograms of cocaine.

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) amde appeals last year for these two cases.  Vietnam is considered as one of the countries to have a very stringent anti-drugs law. Violators who are found to posses more than 600 kg or 1300 lbs. will be subjected to death sentence.

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