Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia – Malaysian Chef

A Malaysian celebrity chef criticized the results of a recent CNN survey on the world’s best cuisine. He says that Malaysian cuisine should have taken the top spot and makes a slamming  statement – Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia.

According Chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, popularly known as Chef Wan, food should be seen “as varieties and flavors that reflect the culture and the food.” He pointed out that Malaysia, which is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country with so many varieties of dishes in its cuisine, should be considered “as the best food destination in the world.”

Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia
Chef Wan of Malaysia

In an interview with Malaysian news and current affairs channel Astro Awani, the Malaysian Chef, said, “My top five choices in terms of variety should be: number one Malaysia, followed by Italy, Thailand, Japan and India.” Based on his statements, the Malaysian celebrity chef was apparently ticked off by Malaysia’s ranking in the poll which was at sixth place.  The Philippines on the other hand ranked higher at second place.

Although he did not elaborate why he called Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia, he nevertheless said in his interview that, “ask any chef and they will tell you I am right.”

The CNN poll acknowledged Chef Wan’s contention about the diversity of Malaysian cuisine. However the country got only a meager number of votes compared to the other countries that ranked higher.  The CNN poll was conducted via an open Facebook page and the results were published last June 15.

In the said CNN survey, Taiwan came out on top, followed by the Philippines and Italy.  The rest of the Top Ten includes Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Greece and Vietnam in their order of ranking.  Malaysia garnered only 265 votes compared to the Philippines’ 1,528.

Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia
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Chef Wan’s branding Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia received mixed reactions from netizens: Filipinos were quick to defend their country from the Malaysian Chef’s  opinion, while other netizens agreed.

Here is the result of  CNN’s poll for the World’s Best Cuisine that defies the”Filipino cuisine worst in Asia” statement.


Filipino Cuisine worst in Asia


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