Filipino hotel worker, guilty of rape in Malaysia

A Filipino hotel worker allegedly sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment after being found guilt of rape for having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old Malaysian girl.

Filipino hotel worker

The Filipino hotel worker, who was guilty of raping was Darussabah Abd Darussalam, 28.

The incident of rape allegedly happened at a rented room in Segama, Sabah on May 13, 2015, thus accusing Darussalam by the Sessions Court Judge Azreena Aziz on Thursday.

The Filipino hotel worker, Darussabah Abd Darussalam was arrested last May 14, 2015, same date which his sentence starts. He was further ordered to be deported after completing his sentence.

According to reports, Darussabah’s counsel, Datu Baginda Datu Laja, asked for minimum sentencing for his client on account of his good behavior and his status as the breadwinner of his family.

But, despite pleading to to lessen his imprisonment, deputy prosecutor Husna Abd Halim argued against Laja’s request and submitted that a minimum sentence request was inappropriate as Darussabah was found guilty after a full trial.

The Filipino hotel worker Darussabah was convicted under Section 376(1) of Malaysia’s Penal Code, which carries the penalty of up to 20 years and whipping on conviction.

The accused was reported as previously working in a hotel.


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