Filipino teams made it to finals of Amazing Race Asia

Teams from the Philippines made it to the finals of Amazing Race Asia. The teams finished 1-2 in the penultimate episode of the AXN reality TV show.

Teams who made it to the Amazing Race Asia finals were former “It’s Showtime” host Eric “Eruption” Tai and wife Rona Samson.

The Samsons are a step closer from winning the top prize after finishing in first place of Amazing Race Asia.

The two were also followed by another team, the Pinay beauty queens Parul Shah and Maggie Wilson.  The four conspired to work against the teams from Malaysia and Indonesia in the race leg that began in Yogyakarta and ended in East Java in Indonesia.

Based on reports, the Malaysian pair of Yvonne Lee and Chloe Chen came in third, while the Indonesian duo of Treasuri and Louisa Kusnandar finished last and was ousted.

Treasuri and Kusdanar were the first to depart the starting line in Pendopo Ramean after finishing first in the previous episode. They were followed by the Samsons, Shah and Wilson, and Lee and Chen.

It was also reported that among the crucial stages of the race was the climb to the top of Mt. Kawah Ijen. In here, Shah and Wilson used the “Yield sign” to slow down Treasuri and Kusdanar while Tai and Samson used the “U-Turn” in Kemiren to further set the Indonesian pair back.

Reported further that the Yield allows any one team to force another team to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time, while the U-Turn forces another team to backtrack and complete the Detour option they did not previously complete.

Tai and Samson revealed the need to eliminate the Indonesian pair since the girls are more familiar with the locality. “Treasuri and Louisa, they know their way around and how to communicate with people here,” said Samson.

Wilso, on the other hand said they worked with Tai and Samson to ensure their place in the finals. “Being Filipinos of course we have to have a pact with Eric and Rona that was solid. We were strategizing on how we could make it into the top three,” she said.

The final episode of Amazing Race Asia will be shown on December 15 on AXN, wherein the  competitors will have to race from East Java to Bali. Winners will take home the $100,000 cash prize.



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