Filipino worker wins lotto worth $32.7 million

A Filipino worker wins lotto in the Montreal’s grand 6/49 lotto jackpot and has became one of Canada’s latest millionaire.

After the Filipino worker wins lotto jackpot prize, he reportedly said on interviews that his winning is a “surreal”.  “It’s so surreal.   By buying a lottery ticket, I did not expect to win the big prize! “

According to reports, Patrick Estacio, the 41-year old Filipino worker wins lotto prize amounting to $32.7 million.

Estacio, who chose the winning combination 06-09-30-37-43-49, said he was on his way to work when he decided to have his lotto ticket validated.

He said at first he thought he only won $32,700. He said he was surprised when the employee of the lotto outlet told him he is a millionaire.

“On my way to work, I thought I had to validate my ticket,” Estacio told the reporter. When I looked, I thought I had won $ 32,700. But when Christine , a Loto-Québec employee,  came, she told me I was a millionaire! “

The Philippine-born Estacio  has lived in Montreal for only two years and has been living in a rooming house in Montreal. Until now, he had to hold two jobs simultaneously to support himself.

Meanwhile, although the Filipino worker wins lotto prize as high as  $ 32. 7 million, he has yet to decide on how he will spend the money.


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