First ever? Light painting couple auditions in PGT

So we’ve heard of sand painting, chocolate painting, mud painting and others, but how about light painting?

Couple Connie Rose Bonifacio , 20 y.o  and Rafael dela Cruz, 24 y.o who call their team-up as “The Magnificent Light Artists”, auditioned today in Pilipinas Got Talent and showcased a unique performance called light painting.

They both hail from Laguna and has been together for a year.

In their AVP presentation, both Connie and Rafael expressed how much they love each other. Connie even mentioned that they will show their feelings through their art.

Of course lights had to be turned off for this performance. The background song played was Up Darma Down’s “Tadhana”.

While watching the light painting performance, judges Vice, Angel, Robin and FMG interpreted the images that the couple drew.

They realized that it was a love story of a couple who is in a long-distance relationship.

After the performance, Angel asked Connie and Rafael of they are the only ones who has done light painting.

Rafael claimed that they are the first Filipino to showcase this type of art. This made the judges and the audience applaud more.

Vice and Robin commended the duo for showing the ability of the Filipinos to learn fast. He also thanked them for introducing this new type of art.

Angel praised the chemistry of the couple.

Here is the full performance.





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