Freddie Aguilar QC house hit by fire

Just a day after New Year celebration, the house of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar was destroyed by fire.

At around past 11:00 pm (January 2) , Freddie’s house located in North Fairview, Quezon City  were in fumes while his son and wife were inside.

In an interview, Jeriko Aguilar (Freddie’s son) shared that he was in the music room when the incident happened. He heard pounding sounds and when he went out of the music room, their ceiling was already on fire. He then called on Freddie’s wife Jovie who was on the second floor. Since they can no longer escape the house due to thick smoke, Jeriko and Jovie used the balcony and went thru their neighbor’s roof to exit the burning house.

Aside from the estimated Php 20 million worth of damages, “Anak” singer was more concerned with his original recordings, awards, at musical instruments. Reports say that there were 12 expensive guitars, paintings and antique items that were ashed by the fire. It was said that Freddie was planning to pass on his collector’s items to his grandchildren.

Fredde Aguilar was only able to save one guitar worth around $5000.

“Iyong mga CD na pinaghirapan ko, ewan ko kung buhay mga records sana. Nandiyan iyong mga bestseller ko na album, mga di pa nabuksan”

Despite the large loss due to this fire, Freddie said on the positive note – “Pero OK lang, at least walang buhay na nawala.

Accoding to the initial investigation of Bureau of Fire Protection,  possible cause of fire was electrical overload or water leak that reached the electrical system. It was estimated that 70% of the house was burned.

Here are some of the photos. (Credit to photo owner)

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