From Probinsyano to Probinsyana: Coco Martin as Paloma

Kapamily action drama teleserye ” Probinsyano “, which stars versatile actor Coco Martin welcomed a new and interesting character.

Meet Paloma ! This sexy and sophistacated vixen has just hopped in the action-packed journey of brothers SPO1 Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay / Police Sr. Insp. Dominador “Ador” de Leon  (both characters also played by Coco Martin).

Referring to Paloma, “she” or more appropriately “he” is actually not an addition to the cast of Probinsyano, simply because Paloma is actually  a transformation of Cardo. What’s her/his mission? To combat white slavery or woman trafficking by Madam Olga, who is portrayed by veteran actress Gina Pareño.

While Probinsyano viewers await the unfolding of Paloma’s role in the upcoming series, many can’t help but notice and laud Coco Martin’s transformation.

Though it was a bit predictable since Coco Martin is undoubtedly handsome as himself. His transformation in Probinsyano as Paloma still mesmerized  people, even saying he/she can give his co-stars Maja Salvador and Bela Padilla a run for their looks and acting probably?

There will be two versions of Paloma’s in the series- the cute, short-haired with bangs Paloma and sexy, long-haired Paloma. Something to look forward are Paloma’s action star moves with her red lipstick and net stockings on!

Here’s some photos of Paloma circulating online. Some claim to see resemblance with Angelica Locsin and Glaiza De Castro. See and judge for yourself .

Probinsyano Paloma

Probinsyano Paloma

Probinsyano Paloma Coco Martin

Probinsyano Paloma 3

Watch ABS-CBN’s video teaser below. Probinsyano is aired from Mondays to Fridays after TV Patrol.




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