Funny! Awra Briguela impersonates Elizabeth Ramsey

The Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids studio was laughing out loud when Awra Briguela impersonates Elizabeth Ramsey.

Awra Briguela impersonates Elizabeth Ramsey

Awra sang Elizabeths’ signature traditional folk song “Waray-Waray” . The lyrics of this song was in Visayan, which Awra still managed to sing correctly. Of course, Awra being a comedian himself was able to easily mimic Elizabeths’ funny dance steps and gestures.

Incidentally, Jaya (daughter of Elizabeth Ramsey) was in the audience. She was laughing as soon as Awra entered the stage and even videoed the performance.

After the Awra Briguela impersonates Elizabeth Ramsey number, Billy called someone who is special to Elizabeth Ramsey.

Billy asked Jaya to join her mom on the stage. But it was not the real Jaya. Actually, it was Lyca Gairanod who impersonated Jaya. Awra taught Lyca the Elizabeth Ramsey moves.

During the juries’ comments, Gary said he admired how Awra was able to impersonate another comedian, though there were just some snappy moves that were missing. Sharon also agreed that Awra was able to copy Elizabeth Ramsey. Ogie who was last to comment said that Awra was very entertaining to watch.

This is the second time Elizabeth Ramsey was impersonated in Your Face Sounds Familiar. First to do the act was Melai Cantiveros.





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