Funny: Goodbye De Lima scares Gen. Bato

A firecracker named Goodbye De Lima got Gen. Bato and the rest of his entourage jumpy.

Gen. Bato was in Bocaue, Bulacan doing an inspection of the pyrotechnics center. He was with other PNP officers when this funny incident happened.

In the video, it will be seen that Gen. Bato was holding a large blue triangle firecracker, with polka dots labeled Goodbye De Lima.

Goodbye De Lima

The PNP Chief was being bubbly that time even saying that it was a crazy idea.

“Grabe naman ang gumawa nito..Sira ulo ang gumawa nito” he said jokingly.

The humor did not stop there as Gen. Bato remarked ” Baka sabihin pulis ang naglagay nito ha” . He was referring to the label that was posted on the firecracker.

Seconds after, smoke came out from Goodbye De Lima, that surprised Gen.Bato. He immediately let go of the firecracker. Everyone in the areas immediately went scrambling for safety.

In the captured footage, the camera went out of focus as people were running. The next scene shown was, the firecracker was lying on the road already. Police authorities were motioning passing by vehicles to stay away from Goodbye De Lima.

Whether Goodbye De Lima exploded or not was no longer confirmes as the video was cut already.

Here’s the full video.





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