Funny Idol Philippines audition

While Idol Philippines audition is currently being aired in the Kapamilya channel, here is a funny spoof video posted in Youtube.

The video was posted by Youtuber Liomar Bailin,

At first you would think it is an authentic Idol Philippines audition as the teaser was very similar to the format of the original video. Also, it showed Vica Ganda’s face.

The video started with Moira saying hello and asking for his name. Liomar then introduced his self while he wore a towel wrap on his head.

“Ako po si Liomar from Kanalaon City” he said.

When asked how old he was, Liomar said “I’m only 12 years old”.

For his audition piece, this Youtuber said that he would be singing a “low-note song”.

Ang kantang kakantahin ko po nagyon ay low-notes..ahmm siya po yung pinakamababang kanta na alam ko po…Ang title po ng kantang ito ay Chandelier po” he said.

Did he get three yeses?

The caption of this video said- “Liomar Bailin sang chandelier with a crystal clear version. Very impressive. “

Watch the full video below to know what happened.

Idol Philippines is aired in ABS-CBN channel every Saturday and Sunday. Judges include Vice Ganda, Moira, James Reid and Regine Velasquez.

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