Funny! PGT Playgirls carwash dancers meme

The all-female dance group Playgirls instantly became famous after their Pilipinas Got Talent audition. (Read: PGT Judges Robin and Angel opposing views on Carwash dance audition) . Playgirsl consist of members Camsi, Yuan, Nizza and Darlene.

Actually their audition video has been staying in Youtube Philippines’ trending list for a couple of days already.

There were even controversial  news that came out where Playgirl member Camsi and Yuna Love Lee allegedly retaliated against Angel Locsin.  The two posted FB comments pointing out that Angel also wore revealing outfit for her Darna series and also had some sexy photos (referring to FHM photoshoots). It was also mentioned that it was PGT management who contacted the group.

Because of this, more bashers and social media trolls joined the bandwagon of this issue.

This is to the extent that several Playgirls meme came up online.

The memes were taken from their carwash dance performance, while the girls were on the “twerking” position. The photos include scenes from the following- a volleyball game where professional player Alyssa Valdez will be seen; Mcdo counter; a basketball player doing a slam dunk ABS-CBN’s  “Ang Probinsyano” poster; a wrestling match and even Mang Inasal ads shwoing PGT judge Angel Locsin.

Here are the photos: (Credit to photo owners)

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