Funny: Tuseran40 dares Du30

A funny video of a man calling himself Tuseran40 has been going rounds Facebook.

At the heat of Duterte’s announcements of Narcopoliticians, here comes a video that will surely lighten-up your mood .

According to the man in the video he is the so-called Tuseran40 and Du30 should acknowledge him.

Here is what he has to say to current President Du30 – “Kung boto lang pag-uusapan baka massikat ako sa kanya. Eto ang tatandaan nya Du30 lang sya, kilala nya ba kung sino ako?

He continues his monologue with the tagline “Ako si Tuseran40 laban sa ubo, nakakatulong na , hindi nakakaperwisyo

Aside form his funny words, this man also is also hilarious with his ala-action star moves. Using a bottle of soda, he pretends it to be a gun and make his funny poses.

Towards the end of the video, he talks about a glue in the pouch. Obviously, he is mentally unstable and need professional help.

In one of the comments in the thread, a netizen said that Tuseran40 is from Kaunlaran st., Brgy Commonwealth, QC. He is indeed unwell, but is harmless and just love to do a comedy show. It was said the he describes himself as a frustrated actor. Moreover, netizen said that he has no family around.

Here’s the full video.







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