Funny Video: Vice Ganda prank call to Ogie Diaz

Going viral in Youtube is a video of Vice Ganda prank call to Ogie Diaz. This happened in DJ Chacha and DJ Martin’s segment in ABS-CBN’s FM radio station MOR 101.9.

Vice Ganda prank call to Ogie Diaz

Comedian Vice Ganda makes a call to celebrity manager Ogie Diaz, pretending to be “Chinky”, from a certain San Roque church in Manila. He explains that he called to ask permission if they can send a letter to do caroling.

When Ogie asked where and how Chinky got his phone number, Vice playfully said that the no. was posted in the door of a CR (restroom). At that point Vice can no longer contain his laughter and almost bursted out.

Upon hearing that, Ogie who sounded a bit irritated pointed out that they do not know each other personally. He further advised that Chinky should solicit help from people she knows.

Vice, who was persistent to carry on with the prank call said ” Nakalagay po kasi dun sa pinto ng CR, call me if you need a friend.

The call lasted for more almost 5 mins. and in the end Vice admitted that it was a prank call.

Here’s the full video.

After the Vice Ganda prank call to Ogie Diaz, an apology was posted in Vice’s Twitter account.


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