Funny ViceJack video: Vice warns Kuya Escort Greg about talking to Ate Girl Jackque

Here is another super cute and funny ViceJack video.

It’s Showtime loveteam Vice Ganda and Jackque Gonzaga once again had their moment during the show’s Miss Q&A segment. But this time, there was a new character in their story.

In this episode aired two days ago, Jackque carried out her usual task of bringing the fish bowl with the questions for the Miss Q&A contestants. As the contestant was about to pick her question, Vice suddenly said “No! Don’t pick!”.

Vice then turns to Jackque acting jealous and said- “I saw you talking to Greg ha!”

Jackque explained that Greg was just saying compliments for the comedian. However Vice did not accept the explanation and called on Greg instead.

Greg is the good-looking mestizo guy who has been acting as the escort for the  Miss Q&A contestants. He is always wearing a tuxedo.

“So you’re talking to Jackque ha” Vice said.

Greg responded “Yeah, she’s really nice”.

Hearing this, Vice confronted Jackque for lying. It turned out to be that Greg was praising Jackque, contrary to what she explained earlier.

Now this ViceJack video got more funny when Vice let out a warning that it will be the last time that Greg will be talking to her ka-loveteam.

This #ViceJack chitchat lasted for more than 5 minutes, and was #5 trending in Youtube PH.

Here is the full video-

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