Funny Video: Dancing Tindera strikes again with Despacito

Remember the Dancing Tindera who recently went viral? Well she’s back with her version of now popular dance song Despacito.

Despacito Dancing tindera

Looks like this Dancing Tindera has indeed an unwavering urge to dance as she strikes again with a new Despacito dance video. Just like her first video(Read: Funny Video: The Dancing Tindera) that really caught the attention of netizens, our dancing enthusiast once again showed her signature moves like the floppy wings , karate-like moves and others . And of course, the most important of all is that this dance showdown also happened in the sari-sari store!

If in the first video, she had to stop to attend to her customers. Not this time!

Our Dancing Tindera fully enjoyed her Despacito moment without any interruptions.

Yes, she energetically danced this Luis Fonsi song  from start to finish. Though the version of the song sounded in fast forward mode, she was able to keep-up with the very fast beat without a sweat. But towards the end of the video, it will be noticed that she had to look out several times to check if someone was watching her.

No doubt this dancing lady was enjoying her time as seen in her facial expression. Something that some netizens complimented saying this video surely gives a good vibes.

As of writing, this dance video seems to be promising to become viral like the first one. It has been viewed more than 300k times, shared more than 4k times witk more than 8k reactions.

Here is the full video.






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