Funny Video: Manong Candy in the Bus and his Love advice

A Facebook video of Manong Candy giving love advice in the bus is becoming a hot topic among netizens.

The video was captured by a netizen riding a bus when a man selling Maxx candy gets on the bus. Of course he was there to sell his Maxx candy’s. But on aside from the sweets he is selling comes a bonus that will truly catch everyone’s attention.

Manong Candy with his modulated voice talks about matters of the heart.

His topic for the day is “How to Love Again. ”

” You need to settle down the issue between you and your love ones” is his first word of advice. It is followed by “You have to make a choice” and Manong Candy relates this advice to an Octopus.

How? Well watch this video and learn more love advice from Manong Candy.

One of the comments from the thread said-

Share nyu tong video na to plz…matagal ko na sya nakikita di man lang magland ng job or kahit small bit sa isang sukat na radio station…masipag at nakakagaang talaga ng loob pag naglako na sya ng max sa bus

And looks like, Manong Candy is not a newbie in this amazing act. As evidenced by the comment of another nwetizen that stated-

jan nman lagi ang pwesto nia ee hahaha masayahing tao tlga yan college pa lang ako sa mcu lagi ko na cia nkikita

Well looks like Manong Candy has captured a lot of hearts not only with his sweets but also with his sweet talk.

Here’s the full video.


Manong Candy Bus


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