Funny wedding photobomb wins the internet

Wedding photobomb: Nobody wants a gatecrasher during their wedding, except for this cute beluga that just made everybody’s day.

A recent wedding photobomb of a white beluga whale had the internet buzzing.

Amidst the political news and governmental issues, all everybody needed really was an adorable baby beluga whale stealing the spotlight with a smile.

In what looked like a frame straight out of a romantic comedy, the said marine creature appeared out of nowhere to upstage a bride during her wedding at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.

The couple who looked happy in the middle of an ongoing exchange of vows seemed unbothered when the little fellow appeared to want to preside their ceremony.

It’s safe to say that the whale became a crowd favorite and its picture became an instant picker-upper of those who see it.

The photograph spread and quickly became a favorite of the internet’s resident meme makers, and it was Twitter and Reddit that held the platform for conducting the best Photoshopped version of the image.

Here are some memes of the bride and her groom who will see to it that she whale be loved:

But first, the beluga whale. Everyone loves it the most.


The other side of the story; the brokenhearted bachelor always works in appealing to its audience.


The whale completely stole the presiding officer’s spotlight and his job as well.


Well that escalated quickly.


Lastly, here’s one with the whole of Bikini Bottom, joining the beluga in celebration of their marriage.



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