G.Liner Bus Company launch their “Honesty Bus”

An Honesty Bus will start to roam the stretch of Taytay, Rizal to Manila.

The 60 year old bus company called G. Liner has launched their Honesty Bus as announced in their official FB Page last Thursday. The caption mentioned that a trial run will be done the next day, which is Friday.

“Tomorrow will be the trial run of our new HONESTY BUS. Passengers are requested to place their payments inside the fare box HONESTLY”

So passengers who will be riding this bus will be the ones to check how much they are going to pay via the fare matrix, then peel off their ticket and place their exact payment in the fare box. Yes, there will no longer be a conductor to get the payment from the passengers.

G Liner Honesty Bus

According to a news report by ABS-CBN, it was said that the purpose of the Honesty Bus was to accommodate more passengers.

The bus company had to add more buses to do so, which affected their manpower workflow.

“Sa dami ng pasahero, kailangan namin magdagdag ng unit. Naintindihan naman talaga nila pag ganito nasa kanila kung magbabayad sila ng tama o lolokohin nila sarili nila,”

Though this idea is unique and interesting just like the honesty store concept, it was confirmed by a bus conductor that this set-up is temporary.




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