Gerard Anderson’s Bangkok Parody

It was just days ago when this viral pic stormed the social media (Is the Gay Couple with Viral Pics Married?).

Gerard Anderson parody of gay couple


In the picture were Naparuj Mond Kaendi, a Thai creative director and  and his boyfriend, Thorsten Mid. For the couple, it may have been just one of their ordinary train rides. They were very clueless that the next hours of their lives will be dragged to social media and they will be famous as the ” Thai-German couple in train“. In their interview the next day, Naparuj Mond Kaendi said that he was not delighted with what happened.

Just like any other viral stuff, the noise dies down in days or weeks. But it seems that it is not happening soon for the “Thai-German couple in train“.

Today in his Instagram account @andersongeraldjr, actor Gerard Anderson posted this parody.

Happy Birthday @medesdedios #ikawna

A photo posted by @andersongeraldjr on

Greard Anderson has no explanation as to what this picture is all about. The only clue that’s visible is the caption “Happy Birthday“.

Currently running at more than 7,000 likes in Instagram , this surely will bring back the viral ” Thai-German couple in train” into the spotlight.

But there’s actually another angle to look at this parody,that is very relevant and timely! Read on to know what it means…

Now looking at worst case scenario, could this be…

Gerard Anderson parody of viral gay couple

and not this


the real reason for …

Gerard Anderson parody of viral gay couple


 Just thinking out wild!




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