Gerphil Flores Wows Judges in Asia’s Got Talent Finals… Again!

Asia's Got Talent Gerphil Flores 02

Grand finalist Gerphil Flores delivered another sublime performance in tonight’s Asia’s Got Talent with her rendition of the tune “Impossible Dream.”

Wearing a golden gown that made her look like a true “diva,” she awed not only the audiences but also the judges who gave her another standing ovation for her very emotional performance.

Asia's Got Talent Gerphil Flores 03

David Foster, who gained the unlikely reputation of “Dreamcrusher” for he is the most difficult to please among the judges, told Gerphil Flores, “Tonight the song is called the Impossible Dream…you just made the dream possible. I promise you, the world is gonna know about you. That’s a promise.

Asia's Got Talent Gerphil Flores 04

Melanie for her part “Gerphil, the last time I saw you I said you belong up there. I was wrong. You belong up there in the pedestal. You were magnificent!” The two other judges, Vaness Wu and Anggun had nothing but praises for the twenty four-year old singer.

Asia's Got Talent Gerphil Flores 05

With her angelic voice and spectacular performance tonight, Gerphil is expected to give the rest of the contestants a good fight for the title of Asia’s Got Talent as they compete for public vote.

Voting will be open until 6pm Monday, May 11, Singapore time.

Asia's Got Talent Gerphil Flores 06

The other finalists of this years’ contest include:

  • Talento (Thailand)
  • Gao Lin and Liu Xin (China)
  • Dance Trilogy (Singapore)
  • Gwyneth Dorado (Philippines)
  • Khusugtun (Mongolia)
  • Triqstar (Japan)
  • El Gamma Penumbra (Philippines)
  • Junior New System (Philippines)

Among the entries to this edition, the Philippines had the most number of finalists with four while the rest had one entry each.

The winner of the first Asia’s Got Talent will be announced next week, May 14.

Watch Gerphil Flores’ performance in this video courtesy of Youtube.


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