Girlfriend of Daryl Ong auditions at Idol Philippines

Dea Formilleza, girlfriend of Daryl Ong tried her luck at Idol Philippines.

The pretty lass from Compostela Valley, Davao auditioned at Kapamilya’s biggest reality singing television competition.

At the onset, Moira exchanged a few Bisaya words with Dea. The “Malaya’ singer even asked Regine on what’s “Kumusta” in Bisaya.

When asked if she is single, the 25-year old Davaoena said she is in love, with a singer in ASAP.

Dea revealed that she is in a relationship with The Voice season 2 contestant Daryl Ong.

This fact rang a bell for Moira. She narrated that when she and Daryl had a gig in Gen San, Daryl proudly shared her pictures.

“Sobramg proud si Kuya Daryl” Moira said about the girlfriend of Daryl Ong.

Vice added to that story saying that Daryl has shared stories about her with him.

Oh My God, nakwento ka na nya sa akin” the Unkabogable star said.

Aside from this revelation, Dea said that it was Daryl who actually made the first step for her audition.Without her knowledge, Daryl sent a video to Idol Philippines She was surprised when a text message came for a call-back for Idol Philippines.

For her audition piece, Dea sang Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire“.

Watch the full video below.

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