Globe promo registration changed to 8080

The registration number for Globe Promo was recently changed from 8888 to 8080. This is in line for Duterte administration’s request for using 8888 as the complaint hotline.

According to Globe Telecom Inc., The change for Globe Promo registration applies to both postpaid and prepaid mobile subscribers.

“As a telecommunications provider, we recognize the importance of communication for the government to effectively address loopholes in government service for the benefit of the country as a whole,” Globe General Counsel Froilan Castelo said in a statement on Thursday. “Thus, our decision to give way to the government’s request to use 8888 as its complaint hotline.”

The change for Globe Promo registration will start immediately.

Globe customers may use 8080 instead of 8888 in registering for promos via text message or short messaging service (SMS).

Further, the complaint hotline 8888 became operational last August 1, the telco said.

The 8888 hotline may be used for complaints against erring public officials while 911 is the emergency hotline.

Globe subscribers registering to promo  offerings via 8888 will automatically receive a  reply from 8080 until November 30 when 8888 will no longer be available to Globe-related transactions.

“This means that promo registrations sent to 8888 from November 30 onwards will no longer be processed,” the telco said.

On the other hand, Globe subscribers may also dial *143# to generate a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code and register to a call, text or surfing promo offer aside from texting via 8080.


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