Grae Fernandez reacts to his Dad’s arrest

Teen actor Grae Fernandez, son of ex-matinee idol Mark Anthony Fernandez took to Twitter to voice out his reaction towards his Dad’s arrest.

In his post, Grae Fernandez expressed how proud he is of his father despite his arrest.

Grae Fernandez

“No matter what people say about you, I will always be proud to be your son because you’re the best dad!” (c) Grae Fernandez Twitter

It was previously reported that Mark was arrested at a traffic stop in Pampanga on Monday night (October 3) for possession of one kilo of marijuana, police said. Central Luzon Police Director Aaron Aquino III said Fernandez will undergo an inquest process Tuesday at the Angeles City Prosecutor’s office. ( Read: Mark Anthony Fernandez nabbed for illegal drugs )

Fernandez, a son of now late actor Rudy Fernandez and actress Alma Moreno, was apprehended Monday evening at a traffic stop in Angeles City after he drove through a checkpoint. It was reported that a kilo of marijuana was recovered inside his yellow Ford Mustang vehicle.

In his interview,  Fernandez said he had no idea how the illegal substance got into his car but he admitted he was on his way to buy marijuana from a dealer. He also admitted to using marijuana to avoid cancer, the illness that caused the death of his late father.

“The marijuana is not yet in my possession. It was just about to be handed over to me by the dealers when the police suddenly showed up,” said Fernandez.

But despite what happened, his son, Grae Fernadez will still be proud of him. Grae is the eldest son of Mark Anthony with Melissa Garcia Fernandez.



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