Gretchen Fullido case against Ces Drilon, Marie Lozano dismissed

Gretchen Fullido case filed against ABS-CBN journalist Ces Drilon, ABS-CBN news reporter Marie Lozano, and ABS-CBN news executive Venancio Borromeo was dismissed.

The Office of the Prosecutor of Quezon City has dismissed the libel charges that Gretchen filed in 2018. It was also in 2018 when she filed a sexual harassment case versus Cheryl Favila, former TV Patrol supervising producer, and Maricar Asprec, a segment producer.  (Read: ABS-CBN release official statement on Gretchen Fullido case)

A resolution was released for Gretchen Fullido case stating that the prosecutors did not find the the respective sworn statements of Ces Drilon, Marie Lozano and Venancio Borromeo about Gretchen Fullido as “not defamatory.” . The said statement was submitted to the ABS-CBN Ad Hoc Investigating Committee.

“In our point of view, the person who executed the same is merely stating her opinion or observation. Also, relaying to another person words which you previously heard is not defamatory and malicious,”  stated in the resolution.

Gretchen filed the libel case against her co-workers on the grounds that
Drilon, Lozano, and Borromeo allegedly damaged her reputation when the three said that the reason for her administrative complaint was a way to leverage her employment status in the network. 

It was said that Ces Drilon “resorted to victim shaming and imputed statements that [she] deserved to be harassed, since Fullido allegedly was willing to wear a bikini with an inflatable pool with bubbles to shove up the ratings of TV Patrol.”

For Marie Lozano, it was pointed out that she assumed that “she (Gretchen) wanted to hold on to Star Patrol.”

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