Handsome Carrot farmer from Mountain Province

Photos of an Igorot carrot farmer who is now known online as Carrot Man recently outraged social media.

The photos of the Igorot carrot farmer is making waves on Facebook for being handsome and photogenic. His pictures was taken while working and carrying a basket, full of carrots.

carrot farmer

handsome carrot farmer

handsome carrot farmer

A netizen named Edwina T. Bandong saw the handsome carrot farmer while she and her friends were on their way to Sagada. She then shared the photos on her Facebook account.

Captivated by such a perfect illustration, Edwina, who has just picked up photography as a hobby, started snapping photos of Carrot Man purposefully for posting and sharing to her Facebook page. Since then, pictures of Carrot Man quickly went viral.

Currently, inter-webs is now looking for more information about the handsome carrot farmer who was known as Jerick Sigmaton, an Igorot from Ogo-og, Barlig, Mountain Province.

Some netizens commented  that there is a  similarity of the handsome Carrot Man to the Filipino actor Hero Angeles. Others also said that he looks more likely to the Korean singer Cho Min-ho.

But do we really care about Carrot Man? We may say “No” but we may want to get a piece of the carrot that he’s carrying.

On the other hand, another netizen Queen Aimee, who saw the pictures of Carrot Man shared on her Facebook account and even captioned as: “Naniniwala na ako sa Forever! May Forever sa Bauko, Mountain Province! Let’s Go there!!!!

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