Hayden Kho learned lesson from “sins of the flesh”

Hayden Kho, a celebrity doctor who was made known to many because of his sex tape scandal back in 2009 spoke about the lessons he learned.

On Friday, Kho posted in his Instagram account to open up about  committing what he described as “sins of the flesh”.

Hayden Kho expressed how thankful he is of overcoming the most controversial part of his life after committing sins of the flesh.

“I am beginning to see that God allowed me to fall into the ‘sins of the flesh’ years ago in order to teach me an important lesson on humility and to turn me into the kind of man He can use for His purposes: a real man capable of leading responsibly and loving genuinely,” he wrote as the caption to a photo of his baby daughter, Scarlet Snow, and partner Vicki Belo. For this I am thankful because now that I have [Scarlet Snow], I realized it’s true: it does take a real man to be a real father”, he continued.

In the controversy he faced after having a sex scandal with actress Katrina Halili, Hayden Kho’s medical license was revoked by the Professional Regulation Commission, who accused Kho of immoral, dishonorable and unethical conduct. It was reinstated in 2014, however.

And now, Hayden Kho was relishing his role as a father to Scarlet Snow, his first child with Belo born through in-vitro fertilization.

“I feel so blessed. Parang everyday I’m receiving a new gift na I don’t even deserve,” he said on interviews.

“I enjoy putting her to sleep and feeding her and talking to her kahit feeling ko hindi niya ako naiintindihan. …I’m also discovering a lot about myself while taking care of her, while discovering things about her that makes her unique. Those things are special.”

Despite the downfall of his life, Hayden has moved on and pursuing to be a real man and a father to his daughter.

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