Heartbreaking Jollibee Valentines commercial goes trending

While other food companies are also releasing their own season-of-love themed advertisements, this Filipino favorite tugged the hearts of many with their new Jollibee Valentines commercial.

All is well and happy until we saw the new Jollibee Valentines commercial:


The Filipino fastfood giant grabbed (and crushed) the hearts of its many fans and viewers in its new addition to the Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series.

For those who haven’t seen it, the commercial started off as sweet and sentimental, showing a guy apparently in love with a girl he met in the said foodchain.

The story flashed back to when two characters hit it off with the cliche but nonetheless romantic coincidence of saying the same words at the same time while ordering their meal.

Fast forward to the current setting, and viewers were treated to a picturesque view of a surreal wedding where the said girl was walking down the aisle and the guy was standing at the end of it.

The twist, however, was that the guy wasn’t the bride’s groom but instead–you guessed it–her best friend.

There is no secret as to why the commercial immediately became trending on Twitter; the Jollibee valentines commercial simply captured the classic heartache of unrequited love.

The commercial was evidently successful in relating to its audience as it became the talk of the town in Twitter and other social media platforms.

Despite the rather sad ending, the important golden nugget everyone can infer is that this Valentines, love is always best when shared without expecting a favor in return–a trait deeply rooted in the culture of the Filipino family.

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