Heavy traffic awaits for Govt 24/7 construction work

The public has been warned to expect heavy traffic ad government implement round-the-clock work on crucial infrastructure projects starting this year to fast track their implementation. As such, traffic congestion and travel inconveniences awaits commuters.

heavy traffic

The 24/7 Construction work will start this year within Metro Manila, Davao and Cebu resulting to heavy traffic even at night.

“We are considering 24/7 construction for all Metro Manila projects and even in Cebu and Davao. So don’t be surprised if you will encounter construction going on in the middle of the night,” Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said in a press conference.

However,  the round-the-clock work cycle, will also contribute to employment opportunities with three daily shifts, will need no legislation or executive order to implement, Diokno said.

“Given the extent and the size of the projects that we are planning to do, things will get worse before they get better. So let me not assure you that things will get better right away but we are going to fix all the major roads and the construction,” Diokno said.

On the other hand, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III  said the country has a lot of catching up to do in terms of infrastructure.

“We have to make more roads and fix the roads and make them wider and that is going to cause a few problems in the mean time. There is no magic wand that can make these things disappear and everybody has to cooperate,” Diokno said.

Also, Department of Public Works and Secretary Mark Villar said they are already coordinating with their contractors on how to implement the plan.

“We have to figure out the logistics because we have to take into account the capability of our contractors,” Villar said. “But in the soonest possible time, we want to speed up the projects.”

The project may cause inconvenience for the meantime but as the government wants to do it 24/7,  it is presumed that they want to fasten the work in order to ease the heavy traffic that were currently experiencing by commuters.

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