“Hindi po ako bangko” Kumare FB Post goes viral

A Kumare FB Post from netizen with FB account named Dyanne Jordan Montiero has gone viral.

First because it is very timely for the holiday season and second, many “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” would probably be able to relate to it very much.

In the Filipino tradition, Christmas is the season for giving. Part of it is for the godfathers and godmothers to see their “inaanaks” and give gifts. Remember the Christmas song “Mano po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang” ?

Well for many, nothing is wrong with this tradition. However, this netizen experienced something that went a little bit too far from her “Kumare”.

The Kumare FB Post of this netizen showed a thread of conversation with a kumare who was asking for a “pamasko” on behalf of the inaanak.

This ninang was very much willing to give and said that she really saved something for this occasion to make her inaanaks happy. But what ticked her off are the demands of this kumare.

Because of this  incident, this netizen stressed in her message that the function of being a Ninang is not only to be a “financier”, but most importantly to serve as a guide to their godchild.

Read the full post below.

Kumare FB Post

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