Viral: His father inspires him to graduate

Jace Pasigay shared how his father inspires him to graduate and reach his dreams.

It is everyone’s dream to finish studies, wear “toga” and march to stage for graduation. But for Jace Pasigay, graduation has a deeper meaning as this is a fulfillment of his promise to his father who inspires him to graduate.

Jace Pasigay is a consistent honor student during his elementary days and graduated Valedictorian in High School and was also recognized as Best Teacher in Mathematics during college.

Jace emotionally shared that he is devoting his success and recognition to his father who inspires him to graduate.

In his interview with ABS-CBN, Jace shared: “Yung mga karangalan ko po kasi na nakamit ko noon Ma’am, medals and especially po ung diploma ko, alam ko po na hindi akin yun, kasi po may isang tao na talagang nangarap, naghirap at nagsumikap para po sa akin, at yun po ang tatay ko”.

inspires him to graduate

Jace’s father is a market porter “kargador” and his mother source of income is simply making rags. Jace’s father is indeed a working hard just to provide for his family and to let his children achieve their dreams.

“Ulirang ama, may sakit na siya, nagpupursige pa din siyang kumita para lang sa mga anak niya”, Jace’s mother said on interview.

Many ¬†felt emotional and admired pictures of Jace’s father crying after he received the medals from Jace.

inspires him to graduate Jace 2

As per Jace, his father is doesn’t know how to read and write. When they are in grade school, Jace and his siblings has been teaching their father how to read and write.

He always remember how his father told him to learn otherwise, he will be also be a market porter in the future. So with all his effort, Jace fulfilled his promise to finish and get diploma especially that his sister settled early.

But it has been two years since Jace’s father passed away. But even in his struggling times, he reminded Jace how difficult it is to live lack of knowledge and more difficult to die still without knowledge.

So with all his achievements, Jace never forget to give thanks to his father who inspires him to graduate. Even his father didn’t witnessed his graduation anymore, Jace visited his father’s tomb for every award that he is receiving, and telling him that he is so much proud and thankful on how he inspired him.

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