HIV data leak in Singapore compromise thousands of people

An HIV data leak has occurred in Singapore affecting more than
 14,200 people.

According to an Inquirer report, “an American man, who is believed to have obtained the confidential data from his partner — a senior Singaporean doctor, dumped HIV status, name and address on the internet “

Moreover, it was said that the leak exposed date of  5,400 Singaporeans and 8,800 foreigners.

The culprit mentioned in this alleged HIV data leak was a psychologist named Mikhy Farrera Brochez. He was said to have worked in Singapore since 2008. Allegedly he used blood sample of his partner, doctor Ler Teck Siang to get working permit in Singapore.

Doctor Ler Teck Siang had access to official HIV registry, which was the data that was allegedly dumped by Brochez .

In 2016, Brochez was jailed for falsifying his blood samples. The authorities confiscated his mobile phone and laptop due to an intel that he is in possession of confidential data. He was deported in 2018.

Singapore though modern in many ways was said to be still highly conservative. Many Singaporeans who have not divulged their HIV status are in fear of losing their jobs.

Before tourists with HIV virus were banned from entering the country. In 2015, the ban was lifted but only for tourists. For thos who would need to work must pass an HIV test.

Last year, Singapore also had a suspected state-sponsored hack where
health records of about 1.5 million Singaporeans were stolen.

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