The Jose Ja-El P. Flores story: Mom gets HMO card for missing son

Mrs. Flores of Paranaque City posted a photo of HMO cards she got for her family that included a card for her missing son  Jose Ja-El P. Flores . It has been four years since she last saw her son whom she fondly calls as “Kuya Jae Jae.”


A Facebook page was created by Jael’s parents called – Help Us Find Jose Ja-El  P. Flores. It was one of their ways to spread the news about their missing son. In the banner of this FB page was Ja-El’s photo and the details of his disappearance.

According to the post, he was last seen October 22, 2012 at the Olivarez Compound.  The description about Ja-El said that he has a birthmark on right forehead and has asthma.

Jose Ja-El P. Flores

But aside from announcements and updates, this FB page for Jose Ja-El P. Flores also serves another purpose.

Here, his family documented all the birthdays they celebrated for  Ja-El. Recently a celebration was done in their home for his 8th birthday. This was attended by relatives and all wore white share that had  Ja-El’s picture.

Jose Ja-El P. Flores

Missing Jose Ja-El P. Flores



Last year,  Ja-El’s 7th birthday was celebrated with a Jollibee party.

Mrs. Flores’ posts on how much she misses her son will also be seen in the Timeline. It is very evident that until now, she is still longing for her son and still hopes that one day he will return or will be returned to his family.

For any information about Jael, please contact Mrs. Flores at 0916-3527436 or report to your nearest police station.


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