Hollywood Celebrity Look Alike

When I watch a movie or TV show, sometimes I thought I am seeing the same actors aging or related with another actor or a camera trick or having a different angle or it has something to do with the genes – or perhaps make-up!

This is my latest, well ok, my first,

Top Five Hollywood Celebrity Look Alike:


Dominic Copper look alike Craig Horner

Dominic Copper look alike Craig Horner

Dominic Cooper is Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark in the recently concluded Marvel Agent Carter TV series. It is a spin off from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. He first appeared in the musical Mama Mia!

His fellow celebrity look alike, Craig Horner from the Legend of The Seeker.


Ed Speeler is like the son of Simon Baker

Ed Speeler is like the son of Simon Baker

Ed Speelers, the footman in Downton Abbey, was famous for his infamous dragon-rider role as Eragon. He looks like the son of Simon Baker from The Mentalist and The Guardian. Both are from UK, so probably it’s the genes.


Luke Evan look alike Orlando Bloom

Luke Evan look alike Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans is Luke Evans. At some point in time they we like a fruit cut in half. The most exciting thing is that they worked together in The Hobbit Trilogy. They look alike because of their cheekbones and jaw shapes.


Timothy Olyphant look alike Joel Kinnaman

Timothy Olyphant look alike Joel Kinnaman

Now here is another duel. I am Number Four and Hitman Timothy Olyphant versus Robocop and as upcoming Colonel Rick Flagg, Jr. for Suicide Squad Joel Kinnaman. Both have distinct but almost identical eyes and having soft spoken but firm act.


Still seeing double? The next and last set of Hollywood Celebrity Look Alike is very tricky.


The Danish Girl Eddie Redmayne look alike Cate Blanchett

Hollywood Celebrity Look Alike: The Lady Galadriel vs. The Dansih Girl


On the left is Cate Blanchett in her role in The Aviator 11 years ago. On the right is not even a female.

Her celebrity look alike – is the Best Actor Winner in the recently concluded Oscars – Eddie Redmayne.

He is taking a new role as a transgender artist Einar Wegener in The Danish Girl. Redmayne had played several power roles in Les Miserables, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age where he first co-starred with Cate Blanchett in 2007.

In his upcoming movie The Danish Girl, Eddie Redmayne has taken the role of a married man who went through a transformation in becoming a woman. He was one of the first to go sex change. It is a novel written by David Ebershoff. The film adaptation will be directed, finally, by Tom Hooper. The film is now set to be released this November 27.


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