Honest Janitors commended for money returned

Honest Janitors were being sought by a lawmaker as they return a found money left inside the session hall.

The honest Janitors were being tagged by Cebu representative Jonas Cortes as “the epitome of integrity and honesty in the service, whose action today matters most to the other employees.”

The honest Janitors were Jonas Cortes said Crispin Jasareno and Michael Mark Quimora, both assigned at the north wing area of the Batasan complex.

Jasareno and Quimora on Wednesday last week found P19,500 on the seat of Cortes as they were cleaning the session hall. They immediately turned over the money to the staff of Cortes who informed the lawmaker about it.

“My three kids were all sick that day, but it did not occur to me to get the money. If it’s not mine, I will not take it,” Jasareno said. We will not risk our job by taking the money,” Quimora added.

Being assigned at the north wing  area of the Batasan complex, which also covers the media center. Jasareno who is 36 years old is known among the House reporters as a courteous and hard-working janitor.

Previously, Jasareno said he has found and returned three mobile phones left by congressmen in the session hall in the past, while Quimora narrated that he also found one mobile phone left by a visitor at the north wing.

The two honest Janitors were both employed by Philcare Manpower assigned to the House for several years now.

In response to their good deed, Cortes said in his letter to the House secretary general Cesar Pareja, “there can be no way to appreciate (them) for their integrity and honesty. A simple thank you would not be enough to recognize the honesty shown by our employees here at the House of Representatives,” he added.

Meanwhile, the two janitors said they were given P500 each by the office of Cortes in appreciation of their deed and were given the commendation letter.



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