Hong Kong’s public shaming scheme against littering: Can Philippines do the same?

Hong Kong has have developed an innovative, creative yet embarrassing way against littering and this is through a PUBLIC SHAMING scheme. Yes, you read it right.

The campaign called The Face of Litter was launched as  part of Hong Kong’s Cleanup initiative in participation to the Global Earth Day . This is a continuation of Hong Kong’s cleanup challenge last year as they have found out that the city could produce an immensely 6.5 million tons of litters each year.

Hong Kong's public shaming scheme
Source: South China Morning Post


Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge, a non-governmental organization and Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, an advertising agency teamed up for this campaign. They came up with an idea to flash the faces of the offenders across the city through billboards and digital banners inside train stations.

The faces, ethnicity even the freckles and skin color were determined from DNA samples collected from the garbage thrown out of the street.

This Hong Kong’s public shaming scheme against littering is their best effort to stop the persistent issues on garbage.

According to the study conducted by National Solid Waste Management Commission Secretariat, there is about half kilo of trash collected from Metro Manila alone daily. We are all socially aware that almost everyone throw their trashed on the street, be it a small cigarette butt or as big as plastic full of wastes.

Can Manila do the same with Hong Kong to prevent people from littering their waste on the street? Many people might say we should, but the real question is CAN WE?

Financially, socially and politically, this campaign that Hong Kong has launched may become cause of debate and arguments among citizens and public officials.
However, if this kind of program cannot be implemented in the Philippines, then the government may also create a creative and bolder way to drive people’s awareness on cleanliness and waste management. After all, who wants to live in a reeking, grimy place?!

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