Biritero Hospital Staff belts out at Zirkoh Bar

A hospital staff named Eddie went on the stage to jam with the hosts and to deliver a song number for a colleague who was celebrating his birthday at Zirkoh bar, Friday.

Hospital Staff at Zirkoh

Hospital staff biritero named Eddie with Zirkoh hosts Petite and Becky Belo

As expected, the host comedians exchanged spiels with Eddie to entertain the group and the audience as they made fun of the “guest” singer.

Hospital Staff belts out at Zirkoh

The hosts “Petite,” who is the opposite of what her name suggests, and “Becky Belo” poked fun at Eddie’s physical appearance, comparing him to a hamster, to a sick hospital patient and to a grumpy guy but the hospital staff was very game and was not insulted at all.

Hospital Staff belts out at Zirkoh

More importantly, they were all surprised when this hospital staff belts out at Zirkoh with the song “Hanggang”.

He was effortless in hitting the high notes seamlessly , which prompted the hosts to ask him to do a second song number. He sang his rendition of “Ibang-iba” by Renz Verano for his second performance.

Earlier that night, Petite also made fun of two foreign audiences and as well as their partners. Other “guest” jammers on stage were two young girls who awed the audience with their powerful voices. The night was filled with more laughter when Ate Gay and Boobay went on stage to do a funny mash up of different popular songs.

Zirkoh is dubbed as Asia’s largest comedy bar and is located along in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.  It is owned by popular TV host and comedian Allan K.



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