Hospitalized actor Julio Diaz needs help for brain surgery

Hospitalized actor Julio Diaz recently rushed to the hospital and needs to undergo brain surgery. As such, her sister is appealing for help so she could raise funds for her brother’s brain surgery.

In a website post, the sister of the hospitalized actor Julio Diaz said that her brother was rushed to the hospital on April 8 after passing out due to severe headache.

She said on interview that “a CAT Scan showed the swelling of a vein that needs surgery within the next 24-48 hours. If the surgery is not performed, an aneurysm is imminent which may lead to fatal damages”.

She also said that her brother, the hospitalized actor Julio Diaz, if not involved in an indie film, mainly had source of income from  leasing out a part of his house.

“Julio has a very small window of opportunity to get the surgery done to save his life. This surgery, however, needs a huge amount of money that Julio does not have right now. This is the reason why, I am stepping in on his behalf appealing to anyone who is being led by the Lord to give any amount they can to raise the money needed to get the surgery performed within the next few hours,” Datuin said.

The hospitalized actor Julio Diaz has been  confined at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig. “According to Dr. Cuanang the plan is to perform by 1 p.m. Manila time (1pm EST), an angiogram and possible clamping. If this procedure does not work, then they will proceed with the surgery,” she said.

The sister of Julio Diaz, Datuin also asked everyone to say a prayer that the first procedure will be successful.

Julio Diaz is known for his roles in acclaimed independent films such as “Kinatay” (2009) and “Serbis” (2008).

Hospitalized actor Julio Diaz

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