House bill 1035 or Anti-Videoke Bill filed

An act prohibiting the use of Videoke/Karaoke or anti-videoke bill was recently filed in seventeenth congress.

The anti-videoke bill seeks to ban the use of Karaoke systems beyond 10 in the evening.

Anti-videoke bill

In case the bill becomes law, Filipinos may bid goodbye to late night karaoke singing.

The anti-videoke bill has been filed by  Quezon Representative Angelina Tan, the bill prohibits use of loud musical instruments, and other sound-amplifying equipment past 10 p.m.

Anyone who violates the law will be punished with a fine of one thousand pesos, or worse, may face imprisonment of not more than six months. The license of businesses that violate may also be revoked.

Karaoke or videoke singing has been a favorite pastime of Filipinos, thus, the anti videoke bill in case approved may be a sad news to some.

Like in the case of a certain Mikko Samonte, videoke is more than a pastime as he considers it a diversion and a work stress-reliever.

 “Pag stress ka sa work, tanggal stress. Bonding bonding pag may time,” he said.

For others, just like Samonte, many resort to videoke to celebrate an accomplishment, or to overcome depression — sometimes, until the wee hours of the morning.

However,  karaoke singing becomes a nuisance — causing annoyance and stress to many. Worse, the celebration leads to conflict and fistfight — and barangay officials are confirming this.

Karamihang reklamo hindi nakakatulog,” Barangay Batasan Secretary Edwin Misolas said.

Nagkakaroon din ng nag-aaway lalong-lalo na sa beerhouse,” Misolas added.

But according to reports, some don’t see problems with the proposal, including Samonte.

But on the part of businesses, banning Karaoke by 10 P.M. will result to losses.

Kasi minsan pumapasok 9 o’clock na. Iba ‘di pa tapos tumagay ng dalawa, tapos na kanta,” karaoke business owner Jasmin Trogo said.

Further, Karaoke business owners like Trogo suggest extending the cap to 12 midnight, especially during weekends.

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