How did James asked Nadine to be his real life partner

A day after revealing the public his romantic relationship with Nadine Lustre, James Reid opened up on how he asked Nadine to be his real life partner. (Read: JaDine Announcement: They’re an Official Couple!)

How did James courted Nadine to be his real life partner?

Although the actor grew up in Australia, he said that he still made his best to pursue Nadine in the Filipino way.

“For me, I guess, because I am Australian, I grew up in Sydney, the way that we court girls, it’s different there. But, of course, the first person to know was her father. I asked permission from him first a while back. I tried to keep that Filipino tradition,” he said, adding that he even went to her house.

James also shared how he officially asked Lustre to be his girfriend, admitting that their relationship got official on February 11.

“Actually, gusto ko talaga siya i-surprise sa concert night itself. I was supposed to save it ‘til then. I wasn’t gonna say it until [the concert],” he said.

“And then on the 11th, we went out for dinner. I was like, ‘I bet you didn’t know I could be like this.’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, I didn’t really expect this from you.’ I said, ‘It’s different when I’m in love.’ And then she said, ‘Are you in love?’ And then I thought, you know what, right now is the right time. I told her, ‘Yes, I am.’ She knew what I was talking about,” he added.

And how did Nadine reacted after James professed his love to her? James said, “She literally sat there smiling and just said, ‘Kilig ako!’”

Speculations however came out that their relationship was just a publicity stunt. James dismissed the rumor and said that he is now more open about his feelings towards Nadine, now that the actress is his real life partner.

“It’s such a relief. You have no idea how relieving it is to be able to express [my feelings for her] because for me, for the longest time, I’ve had to suppress it or hide it. Now, it’s so liberating to just be able to hold her hand in public and say I love you out loud,” he said.

On the other hand, James said that nothing has changed between them even though they are now in a relationship.

“Actually that’s the beautiful thing about her. She’s still my best friend. When we hang out, we are just like best friends, buddies but there’s that extra connection. Nothing changed. I just realized one day that wow, I’m in love with her,” he said.

Currently, James said that they are looking forward their world tour which of course gives them a chance to spend more time together.

“We have this world tour coming up next and we are so excited because we are going to be visiting Paris, we are going to be visiting Milan, Rome, London, Dubai. Also, we’ll be shooting our movie somewhere else abroad where we’ve always wanted to go. [Our travels] will be similar to Lake Tahoe but next level,” he said.

James also added that he is very much overwhelmed on how their fans accepted his announcement about their real status.

“I didn’t really do it for the fans. I did it for my own…I just wanted to do it. I expected [that they will be happy for us]. I’m happy that they are happy. I’m happy that everyone’s happy. Yesterday was really different,” James concluded.

James and Nadine official

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