How To Register PhilHealth Online

Register PhilHealth Online
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Register PhilHealth Online for quick access to your account.

First, agree to the following condition and comply to submit the required information and supporting documents to Register PhilHealth Online:

  1. Information marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory and you will not be able to continue with the registration process unless the required information are properly filled-out.
  2. Click the [Submit Registration] button to submit the registration application. An email will be sent to inform you of the next steps to take for the completion of the registration process.
  3. You may print the email that you will receive in your inbox or write down the transaction number that will be reflected in the email. The transaction number will be used as reference to your application.

Next step to register PhilHealth Online is to complete the application form from Provide your personal information, contact details, address, dependent’s information, guardian information, membership category information and upload necessary documents whichever may apply to you.

Then, submit the form online.

You will be prompted to save the information that you have given and will be notified that the information was successfully saved as you register PhilHealth online.

Check your email for confirmation. If the confirmation message was not received within a few minutes upon registration, please check your Spam or Bulk E-Mail folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the confirmation message and mark it Not Spam, which should allow future messages to get through.

Do not forget to click the link in the confirmation message. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive any of PhilHelath’s future emails.

If you still don’t have a Philhealth ID Card you may visit this article : How to Apply Philhealth ID Card


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