How to Renew Non-Professional LTO Driver’s License

LTO LogoRenew Non-Professional LTO Driver’s license at least one month before it expires but not more than two (2) years therefrom.

Renew Non-Professional LTO Driver’s License Requirements:

  1. Current Non-Professional (NPDL) due to expire or expired but NOT more than two (2) years.
  2. Download, Print and Fill Up the LTO Application Form.
  3. Medical Certificate with Official Receipt (O.R) issued by any LTO Accredited or Licensed Physician.
  4. Photo Capture and Biometric Signature (Personal Appearance)
  5. Payment of required fees and charges.


Renew Non-Professional LTO Driver’s License (FEES AND CHARGES):

License Fee – P350.00

Computer Fee – P67.63

TOTAL – P417.63

Penalties incurred if license expires prior to renewal

1 day to 1 year – P75.00

1 day and 1 day to 2 years – P150.00

More than 2 years – P225.00

Renew Non-Professional LTO Driver’s License:

1. Applicant will submit the accomplished form, his/her driver’s license together with a Medical Certificate from any Accredited Physician to the LTO Evaluator.

•The Evaluator validates if the license is due for renewal and shows a screen shot of the present driver’s license data to the applicant. If the applicant affirms that the information is correct, the Evaluator shall return the expired license card to the applicant and shall then transmit the data for picture/signature taking.

2. Upon receiving the transmitted data from LTO evaluator, the concerned personnel shall take the picture and signature of the applicant. The applicant then proceeds to the last window.

3. The Cashier will receive payment and release the new driver’s license card to the applicant.

Renew Non-Professional LTO Driver’s License VENUE:

Any licensing center / driver’s license renewal center / district office with driver’s license transactions

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