How To Speak Bahasa Indonesia Like a Local: A Crash Course for Filipinos (Part 2)


In the second part of our crash course in speaking Bahasa Indonesia, let me take you on a short trip to Jakarta and tell you some interesting things about the warm and beautiful city and its similarities with Manila.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. One of the most important historical places in this city is an old port called Sunda Kelapa that was once the center of the spice trade. It is located in the northern part of modern Jakarta.

Old City Batavia

The modern capital of Indonesia got its name from the Kingdoms of Banten and Demak who renamed the place Jakakarta which means the “City of Victory” following their triumphant conquest of the Kingdom of Pajajaran.


During Dutch colonial period, the city was placed under the VOC, an acronym for Dutch East India Company, which called the place Batavia beginning 1619. It was the VOC that took over the reins of the spice trade. Today, the old government buildings dating back 400 years ago still stand in the Indonesian capital.

Bahari Museum Jakarta

The former VOC warehouse was in fact turned into the Bahari Museum. Although the rest of the structures that represent the vestiges of the colonial era are not well preserved, they nevertheless still evoke a sense of nostalgia for a long gone era that has shaped the Jakarta of today.

Here are some useful Bahasa Indonesia phrases that you can use while on a visit to Jakarta:

Selamat pagi – Good Morning

Selamat siang/ Selamat tengah hari – Good Noon

Selamat sore – Good afternoon

Selamat malam – Good evening/ Good night

Apa kabar? – How are you?

Baik-baik saja – I am fine.

Terima kasih – Thank you.

Siapa nama Anda? – What is your name?

Nama saya… – My name is…

Anda berasal dari nama? – Where are you from?

Saya dari… – I am from…

Saya harus pergi – I have to go.

Saya segara kembali – I will be right back.

Sampai jumpa – Good bye.

Sampai nanti – See you later/ See you soon.

Sampai besok – See you tomorrow.

Semoga hari Anda menyenangkan– Have a nice day.

Semoga perjalanan Anda menyenangkan – Have a nice trip.

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