Hundreds of Pasay flying voters register address of LRT station

300 of the 1000 alleged flying voters of Pasay City was discovered to have registered  a wrong address.

An individual named Yok Tin So made a complaint with Pasay Regional Trial Court regarding this issue.

He said that  1,458 registered voters all indicated their address in Barangay 97 , Pasay City. Furthermore, he pointed out that many of the registered voters in their baranggay indicated 2802 Taft Avenue, Pasay as their address.

According to ABS-CBN news team, this address turned out to be an LRT station.

A document from Pasay City Assessor’s Office validated that the said address is indeed a property of  Light Rail Transit Authority.

There were more addresses that these alleged flying voters used that were located in Zamora street.

330 alleged flying voters used 2675 Zamora Street. However, those who are residing in this address said that they only have less than 20 legitimate voters. More than 200 also were said to have indicated 2741 Zamora, which is an office.

There were 11 alleged flying voters who provided an abandoned address and over 200 gave an address of a boarding house, wherein itwas confirmed that there only around 30 legitimate voters.

What’s surprised  Yok Tin So more is that there were 260 registered voters that has the address of the Pasay Barangay Captain  Jose Serafico Ang’s house.

ABS-CBN news team attempted to investigate. However, one of his staff confronted them.

Comelec Election officer of Pasay city admitted that they don’t have the enough resources to monitor the information declared by the voters.

Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections will be held on May 14, 2018.

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